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Ceramic Retreat

Retreat  description

  • Boost your art practice and get a creative jump start with focused studio time 

  • Receive personalized professional instruction, and excellent technical support 

  • H.A. Studios Ceramics Retreat enables you to embrace well-being, creativity, & embark on a new project from a place of relaxed creativity  

The Ceramics retreat provides an opportunity for artists to work in a new context, to experiment and develop new approaches and to explore the natural beauty of Vashon Island. The retreat is designed for people who want to work in clay or artists with a background in ceramics who wish to undertake a clay project. 

In the pottery studio you are free to play and learn — we welcome beginners to advanced either one resident at a time, couples, or in groups of up to four. Independent working is expected but consultations and support will be provided throughout your stay. You can gain hands-on experience in throwing on the wheel, hand-building and decorating handmade pots or sculpting in clay. We take care of the details for you so you can focus on the craft — we provide the kiln, clay, equipment and everything you need. Once you get on the wheel and start spinning, you can rest assured that we’ll fire the piece and even mail it to you (or you can collect it on your next visit). You will have the opportunity to book your stay with any of the beautiful airbnb’s in the neighborhood that we have partnered with.  

The location provides a fantastic opportunity to explore a charming island town with a flourishing local art scene that is a short ferry ride away from Seattle or Tacoma WA. A nature lover’s paradise, Vashon is a popular getaway destination for its many hiking trails, kayaking, biking and beaches as a farm to table community. 

H.A. Ceramics studio is located in a renovated historical building on Vashon Hwy, steps away from the outer and inner bay of Quartermaster Harbor. The studio is an intimate space with floor to ceiling windows that provide ample natural light. It is both private and expansive with ready access to a local coffee stand and mercantile right next door as well as public transit. You will have access to all that you need to create, with equipment  that includes, two large working tables, a slab roller, two throwing wheels and plenty of storage space for your work. The studio also has outdoor access with a side door that steps down to a charming private garden and patio with a large working table, lots of afternoon sun, and an outdoor gas fire pit for nights sitting around the fire. 

Being an Artist in Residence at our retreat is a fantastic opportunity to develop your work, research new work, become involved with a different community, and to enjoy time away from the busyness of life. Creating art with clay is perhaps one of the most fun ways to cultivate present moment awareness and connect to your inner creative source. Our retreat fosters a relaxed environment where creativity can be readily available to you and where the fresh sea air and abundance of nature will spark your creative energy.  Dive into your creative nature and learn something new! Explore the art of ceramics and create a memorable piece to remind you of your experience at H.A. Studios. Be inspired. 

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." - Maya Angelou

You the artist will have the free use of the studio for 7 days and spend your time as you wish. Book your stay with an airbnb in the neighborhood all within easy walking distance of the studio. Several Airbnb's in the neighborhood are listed below…

You will have the opportunity to make enough work to fill my large kiln for a complete firing which includes bisque firing and glaze firing. We will provide a class on beginners hand building and wheel throwing techniques for those who request it and a consultation with people of more advanced skill set to execute your plan of action for making work. All work will be fired and either sent home with you or sent by mail to your home at your request for an additional shipping and handling cost.

Each experience will be catered to your personal preferences and adapted to your skill level which we will determine with an emailed questionnaire form once you confirm your stay. There are limited accommodations directly in the neighborhood so advanced booking is advised especially in the summer months.  

Studio amenities:

Small fridge 

24 hr access

Coffee and tea

Cubby spaces for you personals 

Heated space

Fello water boiler 

High Speed internet 



The residency length is three to five days long with one full kiln firing for each person, one bisque firing and one glaze firing 

Day one meet at 10 am for first one hour instruction or consultation

Then begin you clay adventure with 24 hour access studio access

Individualized Instruction/ consultation is an hourly rate. First two hours is free and any additional hours are $60 an hour which can be scheduled on the online calendar

Tools, Clay, and low fire glazes and Firing service

Music and noise after 10pm must be kept at a minimum

Couples and groups welcome group sizes up to four with $150 for each additional person

Your work will be delivered to you with flat rate usps shipping for up to a week after your stay to allow for firing time and packing of work. 

Price of shipping is on a case by case basis and price will be determined by the size and weight of your pieces. 

You will be notified of the total cost of shipping and then payment will be processed with the card on file. 

Airbnb Listings

Vashon South Facing Waterfront View Home https://abnb.me/qBmKWjMdg4   $175 Sleeps up to four

Treetop Studio on Burton Loop https://abnb.me/RmbNPCXdg4 $80 Two Guests

Houseboat on Quartermaster Harbor https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/18423913?poi_place_id=365029&source_impression_id=p3_1582231434_ejvuQyrXqFi%2F%2FyXa$150 Two Guests

Oceanfront Eco Cottage https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/5297200?poi_place_id=365029&source_impression_id=p3_1582232074_SrhyAebT260WAV%2FL $197 Sleeps up to four guests

Crane Lodge https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/39446372?poi_place_id=365029&source_impression_id=p3_1582230947_eGyy6LhgtHBYz1G%2F     $169 Two Guests

Art Garden Guest Cottage https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13696829?poi_place_id=365029&source_impression_id=p3_1582231149_tWV7YUA9ol30C7%2FZ    $125 Two Guests

A&E Suite https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/16856631?poi_place_id=365029&source_impression_id=p3_1582231233_IAkcbOeeIdzbHtF1    $120 Two Guests