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Hinge Marge

Drawn to the natural world, she strives to make work that responds to the materials in front of her. From rocks to feathers to metal, she studies materiality and works with color and form to create her evocative jewels. She has been collecting and making for as long as she can remember. As a child she was mesmerized by beads, cords and any other material she could get her hands on. Jewelry was the best outlet for this fascination, being able to take something hand made and carry it with you. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design she has built her creative practice in a magical studio in Providence, RI.


Each piece is unique and handmade with care in Providence, no two stones are alike. After taking a glass carving class and asking the question of why stones couldn't be cut and carved too, the rings were born and the collection has grown ever since then. 

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